Glassdoor Job Search App Reviews

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Great app!!

I find this app very useful for searching and finding jobs in the IT field. Keep it up!!!

Simply Awesome!

Very useful job search tool. It consistently shows the best and latest job postings gathered from different websites. The app interface is quite polished and easy to use. You can check for company ratings & reviews as well!

Love this app

Makes looking for my next adventure less overwhelming

Glass door

Great to find out about a company

Great app for company research

Great app for doing research on firms, salary expectations, etc. great layout, good functioning search tool... All round app!

Loved it!

Great app. Very insightful!

Very helpful

Great app for searching for jobs, careers salaries and companies. Very helpful when in need of information about a potential workforce

Google update, WTF? FAIL!

Nobody gives a sh!t about Google or Google+, may they die a quick & painful death!!! Your app just went down because of your Google crap!

Great app

Love the transparency with this app. Gives you an insider view into the company from other employees. Easy to use and save searches/jobs.

Great job finding app

Easy to use, like the save feature and notification if saved job is going to expire. All job searchers should have this app on their phone.

Great app!

Very useful and functional, one of the best of its kind!

Excellent app - what really goes on in a company

If you really want to know whats it like to work for a company download this app.

Great app!!!

Helped me a lot during the job hunt process!

Hoof app.

Lots of jobs. Finds them. Buy hry brochure

Fashion job seeker

Horrible - everyday I get an email from Glassdoor with job alerts for job postings for grocery/hardware stores. However, Ive asked for alerts for fashion-related jobs! I dont really see how a cashier at the local superstore is fashion-related... The developers of Glassdoor shouldnt just send out job alerts daily if they dont serve a purpose or are specific to the field in which one is interested in. Id rather get an email once a month which is relevant to my job search than an email everyday just so Glassdoor can remain relevant in my mind.

Good App

The amount of jobs on this site is reassuring. The emails are helpful. I like reading the reviews on the company so you know what environment you are sending resume to.


This app is useful but the STUPID "optional" location on the search screen is annoying. It kept detecting your location and only searches where you are. Even after removing it, the damn thing kept repopulating after you return to the screen! Uninstall. Dont waste your time or phone space. Just use the website.

Great app

Does what its supposed to... Able to review reviews. Easy to use.

Big city rollers

Mainly for Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Toronto, Montrèal, etc...... Not go for smaller towns


Great app! Very helpful if your looking for a job!

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